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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions such as the following may be helpful in learning more about VEKAdeck™:

Will VEKAdeck™ lose its color?
VEKAdeck™ is comprised of a unique cellular PVC blend that resists fading. It retains its color longer than most deckboards. VEKAdeck™ looks beautiful season after season without all the costly maintenance. Over the years, subtle uniform fading may occur, as normal weathering will cause any surface to gradually fade or darken.

Is it insect resistant?
Yes. VEKAdeck™ is impervious to insect damage.

Will VEKAdeck™ expand or contract?
VEKAdeck™ is dimensionally stable. It expands and contracts less than .5% and allows for end to end butt joints.

Do I need any special equipment or fasteners to install VEKAdeck™?
No. VEKAdeck™ installs just like traditional lumber. Only the essential hand or power tools are needed.

When water is applied does it get slippery?
No. VEKAdeck™ has an attractive woodlike pattern embossed onto each board that is slip-resistant when wet or dry.

Will I ever need to maintain VEKAdeck™?
You will never have to paint, stain, seal or maintain VEKAdeck™ other than ordinary cleaning with water to get dirt off.

Does VEKAdeck™ leech any harful chemicals into my yard?
Absolutely not. VEKAdeck™ was designed with the environment in mind. It does not leech chemicals and is completely safe for children to play on and touch.

Will it ever crack, warp or splinter?
Never. VEKAdeck™'s rigid composition makes it one of the strongest decking materials available on the market today. It will not crack, warp or splinter.

Will VEKAdeck™ hold up to the harsh weather conditions?
Absolutely. Since VEKAdeck™ is water resistant it will not absorb water so it will not incur damage from rain and other harsh elements.

Will standard screws countersink themselves?
Yes. VEKAdeck™ installs just like traditional lumber. In addition, VEKAdeck™ will not mushroom around screws.